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WinMerge is developed by several people in their spare time.


Developers Listed

WinMerge (currently) has couple of active people developing it. In the past there were more people involved.

Active Developers

These people are currently active in the WinMerge project.

Inactive/past Developers

These people have been involved with the WinMerge in the past, but have since left the group or are busy with other activities. Do not contact these people about WinMerge unless you have good reasons (usually you don't have).


Current and past translators are listed in translations.

Contacting Developers

The best way to contact developers is to use one of our mailing lists or forums for that.

DO NOT send support requests to developers by e-mail! There are mailing lists, forums and item trackers for that. Using those facilities means other people can answer your questions also.

Want to Develop or Translate WinMerge?

Look here for more information on how to develop and/or translate WinMerge.

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